“I don’t want to do this.”

“Do we have a choice?”

“We always do!”

I was going to write a nice subtitle here but instead I’m going to use it to say I thought I’d create a pretend gifset like it was a clip from an animated show… ha ha, but I didn’t realize it would have to compress my colours because I’m an idiot/I never make gifs/I overestimated the current state of technology…… But it’d be dumb to put a tiny image loop in a video I’ll post this anyways. I’ll post them as stills/illustrations in a minute I guess??

this is just a gif?.. this is just a GIF!? BUT WHY!?!?!*O*.. you got my hopes up and then dashed them aside as if it dust on your shoulder-___-‘

(via kastiakbc)

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