how to draw sharp teeth and have them make sense: a tutorial


so you want to draw a character with sharp teeth? that’s cool! you have a lot of options. like most things, how you draw fearsome teeth can be improved by looking at nature and i’m gonna show you how.


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The getting Started Course is here, go check it out here:

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For those who are planning to start sewing their own cosplays this year this might be helpful: How to take measurements!

Waist Front / Waist Back:

How to Take Measurements:

Instructions for Taking Measurements:

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As said by IFL science

Cameron Drake of San Francisco has created a collection of magnificent images showing joints in motion. He was aided by orthopedic physician Dr. Noah Weiss and the finished product is completely amazing. If you’d like to know more about the project, please check out Drake’s blog.

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How to do the searchy thingy:D


I don’t know how many people knows just how much freaking easier it’s gotten to research stuff(art in this case) over the years, i really appreciate it when someone gives me a heads up when they see my art floating around on other pages, on other sites… Sometimes bold enough to even try and crop out my signature, but i am fortunate enough to have more nice people spread the word by linking back to my DeviantArt(or one of my other sites) than the aforementioned Art Croppers.

Lets say you made a pretty popular thingy, oh look, all i had to do was put in the key words and i found an entry:D

Turns out this site was cool enough to link directly back^-^

Regardless, Sometimes it’s not that easy, sometimes you absolutely need to know where a picture originates from and no mater how many notes or comments you sift through, you just can’t find that sweet sweet information-_-
Well this might help!! start by right clicking the picture and hit [view image]

Now that the image is all alone in the alleyway, you snap that baby’s address up top.

Then you slamm-a-jam that junk in the google macheen.image

Enter that shiz in, and then click on the “Search By Image” link.image

And finally, reap the reward of knowledge!!!*0*image

So there ya go, if ya didn’t know before, now you do!^o^ This is an amazing way to find out where your art has been(fun for looking up all the horribly mean commenters the internet has to offer), or how to find out who made that random picture that you absolutely love(heck, i found a book series i kinda want to read now because i was looking for the artist who made the cover art and ended up learning about the author and the book as well).

But don’t be sad if it doesn’t work, i’ve seen it pull up different information from the same picture because it was from two different urls, and a few urls won’t even activate the “search by image” link so it’s not 100% reliable.

Hope this helps you lovelies out there, if you like the A.T. fan-art i made, and want to see more.. well you know how to find that stuff now;P

OH and the Adventurer’s Creed is on sell now at my friends Etsy among a couple other posters of my art:]




A delicious fuck-ton of various male/female corporeal juxtapositions.

[From various sources]

a good female/male comparison.





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Reblogging to reference later.

Also hangin’ onto this!

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Hey Anon! Sorry I took so long to answer this—I wanted to do something more in-depth over just a ‘ok draw a circle now MAKE IT AWSUM.’ I also tried to recall from other tutorials stuff in them I didn’t feel like they spoke about.

also—I’m very sorry I don’t have more advice to give about ears. I am not completely confident with them yet! Gotta keep practicing.

As always, I am not 100% correct on everything, so feel free to use what you want and ignore what you don’t want!

Here’s some more tutorials on noses and ears that might be helpful, if this one isn’t:

Step-by-step coloring nose tutorial

Another nose tutorial!

Ear tutorial by the same artist. This artist has TONS of other useful tutorials too, btw!

More noses.

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I’ve been having some trouble creating interesting poses so I thought I would whip up a reference. 

First Image - X (this website is really helpful, I recommend looking at it if you want to learn more)

Second Image - X

Third Image - X (has some helpful information)

Fourth Image - X

Another Helpful Website - X

Try drawing a simple curved line as your action line and then a draw pose around that line. Practicing this will help you get better at drawing interesting poses.

You can also go to posemaniacs and find a couple poses and figure out where the action line is for yourself as an exercise.

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A tutorial by me. Because I can. 

I used Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop, and this square brush set. Yup.

Edit: Oh, and I know there are a ton of spelling errors, sorry! D:

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